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Synonym of Flagrant is

2) Every Jack has a Jill. What does the following proverb mean?

Synonym of Vicious is

4) The refugee's poor grasp of English is hardly an _____ problem; she can attend classes and improve within a matter of months.

Antonym of Vertiginous is


Synonym of AUGUST is

7) It is pointless reasoning with a person who does not want to listen to sense.
8) If the gardener would sow the seeds in the greenhouse rather than the garden, he might get a display of flowers. [Correct the sentence]
9) It is highly desirable that you furnish evidence of your expenses before you submit your final accounts. [Correct the sentence]
10) The thief disappeared ________
11) On Discovery channel last night they showed an informative program about new innovations imaging, which you would have found interesting.
12) She has been ill through out her life but has managed to see 87 years of life.

Synonym of MOROSE is

14) The population of tigers in the National Park is increasing steadily, and this is a encouragement to those who have worked so hard to fund the conservation effort. [Correct the sentence]
15) His musical tastes are certainly ____ ; he has recordings ranging from classical piano performances rock concerts, jazz and even Chinese opera.
16) Don’t judge by appearances.
17) We appreciated his ____ summary of the situation; he wasted no words yet delineated his position most ____

The great artist life was full of "VICISSITUDES" [Find the synonym of quoted word]

19) The administration discussed whether the number of students studying European likely to decline when the senior lecturer retired. [Correct the sentence]

Antonym of Effete is


Antonym of Protean is

22) Our present accountant is most ____ ; unlike the previous _____ incumbent, he has never made a mistake in all the years that he has worked for the firm.

Antonym of Parvenu is

24) The cricket match seemed ____ to our guests; they were used to watching sports in which the action is over in a couple of hours at the most.

Antonym of Wastrel is


Synonym of Perfidious is

27) There are so many skills and so much knowledge to acquire that a lifetime is not enough.

The base of an Indian Politicians is the group of "SYCOPHANTS" around them who earn bad name for their leaders.[Find Synonym of quoted word]


Antonym of Reprobate is

30) In the fine print at the end of the document lies the clauses that make us liable for that result from civil unrest. [Correct the sentence]

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